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Jhumka Jewellery in London, UK was born out of the visions of an imaginative young girl who loved to watch her mother don her many beautifully ornate Jhumka earrings. Today, that little girl, now the creator and proprietor of London’s finest online genuine Jhumka Jewellery store, wants the whole world to enjoy the lavish, ornate, and culturally rich beauty of the jewellery that she has loved all of her life.


But Jhumka Jewellery is much more than an Online Jewellery Store. It is a complete array of true to life, genuine, and authentic Indian jewellery collections for every woman and for every occasion. You will find a huge selection of items from among their Antique, Kundan, Polki and Contemporary finishes. That means you’re certain to find something that meets your needs, suits your desires, and matches your budget.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the low prices you’ll find at Jhumka Jewellery. Most people take one look at these finely crafted, complex, and stunning pieces and assume they are beyond their price range. But nothing could be further from the truth. Everything at Jhumka Jewellery is nicely priced, making an impressive collection of genuine Indian jewellery well within anyone’s reach.


Every single item Jhumka Jewellery sells is hand made by a master of the craft of making this style of jewellery. These skilled artists pour their hearts and souls into every item they create for Jhumka Jewellery’s online catalog. They are ideal for the modern woman who wants to bring the grace and style of old-world fashions to life and meld them with a modern sensibility.