Indian Jewellery

Classical Indian Jewellery for the Modern Age

Here at Jhumka Jewellery In London, UK, our commitment to bringing you only premier, top-quality Indian jewellery items ensures that all of our authentic East Indian jewelry exudes all the ornate, classic, and distinctive beauty and style that Indian art is known for.


We offer a wide selection of stunningly glamorous jewellery products, ideal for any event. With these authentic Indian jewellery creations from Jhumka Jewellery, you will surely make a lasting impression. You can trust the master craftsmen at Jhumka Jewellery to provide you with only the finest, most authentic East Indian jewelry.


You’ll find complete sets of Indian Earrings, necklace sets, bangles, Tikka sets and so much more. Browse our shop collections categories for the full range of items within our various collections, which include;


The Bridal Collection


You’ll find every piece of jewellery a bride could want or need during the happiest day of her life from gorgeous earring sets, necklaces, bangles and so much more.


The Summer Vibes Collection


Make the spirit of the Indian Summer your own with this collection of genuine Indian summer-themed jewellery. Let the rays of the sun shine forth bold and true with these authentic pieces of seasonal art.


The Mastani Collection


Or browse through the bold, ornate, and beautiful Mastani collection. These distinctive pieces reflect a time and a place that can only be expressed through the artistry of our master craftsmen here at Jhumka Jewellery.


Find us online, fill out our contact form, and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information. But act quickly, our talented artists simply cannot create these works of art fast enough to meet the growing demand. Get in touch today, and don’t let these pieces of living art get away.