About Us

Jhumka Jewellery was born from my fond memories watching my mum sparkle putting on her favourite Jhumka earrings! And now we hope to make our customers sparkle and feel the same way about our jewellery.


Jhumka Jewellery offers an array of stylish Indian fashion jewellery pieces fit for every occasion. We stock a wide range of items and our choice of Antique, Kundan, Polki and Contemporary finishes means that you’ll be sure to find something you love, whatever your taste, style or budget.


Each piece is hand-made by master artisan craftsmen who put love and care into creating each item. The modern age woman wants to marry her classic heritage taste with contemporary fashion, therefore we strive to deliver jewellery that fits this vision and allows our customers to express their personality and unique style.


We are passionate about our jewellery collections and hope you love our pieces as much as we do.

Designed with Passion, Driven by Values

Demand quality- not only in the products you buy but in the lives of the people who made it.

Many of us are becoming more conscious of the ethical impact of garment manufacturing, we’re starting to see a move towards clothes which link up to our values. But it’s easy to forget about our jewellery which can be fraught with ethical issues.

Jhumka Jewellery teams up with a select few individual artisans in Mumbai and Gujarat to manufacture our items and bring our designs to life. We continue to work closely with the craftsmen to ensure our jewellery is produced in safe working environments where all workers are guaranteed a fair wage. At Jhumka Jewellery, we want to build a brand with a conscience.


'The 10%'

We invest 10% of profits from the sale of all our products into organisations who are fighting to empower and educate women suffering adversity, both nationally and internationally.

We are excited to announce that this year we have partnered with Care International and Women’s Aid, helping to raise vital funds to help women and their communities build bright futures. 

We are proud to be part of the movement of brands using business as a force for good, and with your support can be the catalyst for small actions that create big differences in the lives of women across the world.